IMPACT is a North Carolina-certified abuse intervention program for men* age 16+ who acknowledge or have been found to have abused, coerced or controlled their partners or former partners (domestic violence, or DV). We currently provide services in Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, Cleveland, Lincoln, Cabarrus, Stanly and Iredell counties.


DISCLAIMER: IMPACT is not an anger management course, although we address anger as one of the many factors of domestic violence. We do not provide direct services to victims. We do not provide or promote couple's counseling because doing so perpetuates a myth that DV is a couple's problem and that victims are equally responsible for the abuse—they are not. We also cannot assess for DV; there is no process for self-standing clinical assessments, as DV is not a diagnosable problem. We are happy to make referrals to other services in the community when needed.

*IMPACT works only with men at this time; therefore, we refer to men as the abusers and women or other men as the victims. We understand, however, that men can be and are also abused.